We can tailor a bespoke system design to suit your space.

From the highly innovative to reliable basics – we implement AV that works for your environment and enthuses your working culture.

Our approach is flexible, we apply our skills to all kinds of solution designs, with extensive knowledge and experience in the Audio Visual industry.


Viewpoint are experts in adding impact to reception and waiting rooms with a range of AudioVisual solutions that bring spaces to life.

Your reception space is a window in to your organisation’s so it’s critical that it makes a first impression.

If you have important information to display for your staff and visitors, we can help you to intelligently structure this with technology-driven messaging on a digital signage platform.

Huddle & Touchdowns

People thrive in environments where there are spaces that give them the opportunity to work together when beneficial to their tasks.

When a company environment has a focus on collaboration, team members are more likely to feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

Collaboration is a key factor in building today’s business environments because it works.

Standup, Scrum, Agile Working

Technology provides a conduit for any effective workspace utilisation design.

To make an environment truly agile you create a space with multiple working and collaborative options.

We can provide a range of flexible interactive audio and visual based technologies that connect you to your existing network or cloud-based services.

Room based controls that are simple to operate support the installations, for quick user setup & easy connectivity for devices.

Small Meeting Rooms

Successful meetings are about more than just what’s said.

Non-verbal cues and personal interactions play an important role in solidifying the underlying relationships, which ultimately drive successful communication and outcomes.

If a meeting room has purpose, it can foster cooperation and the exchange of ideas.

Technology accommodates this, with wireless screen sharing and touch screen system you can enable content from any computer or BYOD (bring your own device) to be displayed in the room with ease.

Large Meeting Rooms

Your meeting rooms reflect the way you operate and communicate.

Professional by design and in the way you conduct your business – with the ability to present, discuss and develop.

Creation of ideas and problem solving is vital for business performance success.

Viewpoint can help you create spaces  that help you deliver desired outcomes.


Our Auditoriums deliver an amazing sound and visual experience.

We also consider their utility and work with you to ensure your investment delivers on flexibility and operational performance.

We frequently provide solutions for large businesses, where cafeterias, breakout spaces and production areas are populated with workspace technology solutions.

These provide regular facility for whole company briefings and Town Hall address style communication – where the message is clearly projected and the sound is clear.

Discuss your Workspace Technology Requirement

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