The team at Viewpoint AV designed and installed an integrated AV system for Atlanta Group that took hybrid training and meetings to the next level.

Focussed on being a vibrant and exciting employer that attracts and retains the best at every level, Atlanta Group wanted a flexible solution that would enhance the experience at a new training and meeting centre they were creating.

By providing the best facilities that every worker can operate with minimal assistance, Atlanta Group are confident that they offer staff, customers & partners the best experience possible, whilst improving staff wellbeing, knowledge & culture.

The challenges

Atlanta Group is a company containing several market leaders from the insurance industry. Together, the combined workforce totals more than 2000 people with fast paced hard-working teams located across the UK.

With call centres, office space, home workers, and travelling trainers to keep connected and working collaboratively, advanced AV technology has become a key factor for Atlanta Group.

When it came to designing AV solutions for Atlanta Group, there were lots of ideas to consider and various challenges to overcome, so our team of specialists delivered a valuable bespoke system to meet all the client requirements.

Our solutions

To design and implement the right technology for the customer, we worked closely with multiple stakeholders in the business to understand how workers should connect and why.

We looked at the available space due to be built and decided how we would get the best out of the resources available to Atlanta Group.

Then we worked hard to deliver what was a fine detail designed system that was co-ordinated with various trades on-site.

The solution adoption rates were very high and the equipment now works for all the teams and delegates within the group.

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