The latest generation of presentation technologies allow anyone to quickly share material from their devices without the need for cables and wired connections. Whether it’s to present the latest data or demonstrate new ideas, a presentation is more valuable if participants can see visuals digital regardless of their location, if they are in the room, in another office, or at home. These days, it’s essential that the presenter can BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – in the meeting and be confident that the technology can be relied upon to deliver. Our team is here to install the right AV technology for your business, tried and tested kit that you can be confident using.

In the modern meeting room participants want to be able to share information from their own devices. We are familiar with our personal laptops and can access everything we need in an instant. Valuable time and constructive meetings are to be had when information can be displayed in an impactful way during a meeting or presentation.

The ability to smoothly change the source of data during a presentation is also useful. Switching presenters, to video conference or presentation mode or displaying a broadcast with ease during a meeting allows important discussions to continue without interruption.

Our dedicated team installs the right presentation solutions for your business. Wireless connections that work natively on your network make sharing information easy. Let us design and install an AV system that help all to get the most out of today’s technology.

Display Screens

A presentation needs a screen that can be viewed by everyone in the room. The correct size screen depends on what kind of things are typically on display, how area is arranged, and how the space is used. The position of the screen is really important. The best meeting rooms are the ones where the AV was properly installed in a considered & fully co-ordinated way factoring optimum location, appropriate height, the best viewing distances, and integration with furniture and fixtures for and exceptional user experience. Trust our input on the design and you’ll find in time you and your users get to make the most of the space.

Screens come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From a small screen in a 1-person focus booth to large video walls in an auditorium or a creatively designed reception feature, your presentation can bring purpose to the space no matter how large or small.

Today’s commercial quality screens have crystal clear images and are high performance. They are designed to look good as well as function reliably in the commercial office environment. Displays in reception areas or welcome rooms can sell your brand & provide information. We have innovative ways of presenting your displays and information, so our installations add to the style of a space room rather than detract from it.

Displays installed professionally

Our team of highly experienced technology experts always work to a high standard delivering your technology in an efficient and professional manner. Talk to us about your business and we can tell you about the latest technology that can help you get the most from your office space.

We project manage all of our installations, so you don’t have the pressure and stress of trying to deliver and co-ordinate an AV deployment by yourself.

We are here to help you turn your space into a flexible workspace that is practical, agile, and solving today’s challenges.