Building an integrated meeting space will provide you with the flexibility to work seamlessly in the modern world.

The workplace is changing, and to succeed, companies need to keep pace with the newest ways of working. The latest AV technology allows you to get the most out of your office space.

Space is more productive than ever, connecting staff, clients, and partners wherever they are located.

What is an integrated space?

An integrated area is a room or space that has AV equipment installed and is ready to use quickly when needed. These areas can be used for online presentations, Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings and with all other kinds of video conferencing platforms. With easy-access to wi-fi, people in the room can search and share documents, emails, and links with anyone in the room or further afield and our technology puts it in a place so everybody can clearly see and hear what is being discussed. It’s all about bringing people together without the need for everyone to be in the same room. It’s meetings without a barrier, agile working at its best.

An integrated space for us could be a large meeting room, an auditorium, a cluster of small meeting rooms or huddle spaces, hubs, and casual seating areas. In your company, you can consider any of these types of space for people to use every day.


We are experts in audio-visual installation and have worked across all industry types. We have experience in working with corporate offices, headquarters, flag-ship offices, call centres, and conference facilities. Before we begin to build and plan the best AV solutions for your needs, we love to spend time understanding how your business works.

Planning the installation and the integration of systems is essential. All systems must be seamlessly connected to offer what you need. Our AV specialists understand the newest technology and how to align it with your business. We make sure that collaborative working is enabled for your company with a focus on ease of use for all.

When we plan the installation, we consider downtime and disruption. We are here to minimise risk for you as much as possible working with interior design, fit-out, electrical and data trades to ensure everything we are involved in is delivered to the highest standard possible.

Flexible working

In most organisations today, some members of a team will be working from home at least occasionally. Make sure everyone can attend big meetings, have quick huddle sessions, or catch-up in a relaxed manner wherever they are. A lot can be done remotely when you have the correct solutions installed in your workplace.

Everyone is connected and can see the same data or presentation at the same time, helping to maintain maximum productivity.