When you invest in new technology for your workplace, you need to consider the integration and interoperability of the equipment. In a nutshell, you must be confident that all your systems, both new and old, work together seamlessly.

It’s important to employ an experienced AV solutions team to deploy your new systems ensuring that integration and interoperability are properly considered and planned for. AV solutions deployed by staff without the right knowledge and experience could give you more of a headache than you bargained for, so speak with our expert staff to make sure this doesn’t happen. We take care to plan and design your new AV equipment so that all your systems operate perfectly together.


When components are brought together to create the best solution possible, and when they work together as one cohesive product you have integration. Why is this important? Every client is different with specific needs & requirements. So, we as integration experts need to be brand agnostic and able to bring together the best components for each task. We then need to skilfully combine the parts together to meet your needs and provide comprehensive systems, built for reliability and many years of use.

In a hybrid workplace, collaborative working is only effective if systems work efficiently and are easy to use. Ensure that downtime is minimalised with proper integration of new technologies from the AV industry.


Where there are different platforms and software in your business, the audio visual needs to be flexible enough to work with all the tools you have available in your business. If it’s a struggle to get things working, meetings quickly become frustrating. Interoperability ensures that workers can get what they need in the here and now, even when pulling from various systems.

We help to keep overall costs down for future advancements by thinking about what might come and how to add new features to your existing systems.

You don’t need to worry when you have our specialist team deploying your audio visual and unified communications equipment.

When we install equipment, be it a video conferencing solutions or presentation facility we design the solution to work with your existing software, and, to factor any working practice that you don’t want to change. We will spend time understanding your business, including how to integrate new technologies for you.