The way people work is changing. It is no longer necessary to be in the same room or building for teams to progress projects and be highly productive. Using the latest technology, colleagues can give presentations, exchange ideas, share documents, collaborate on information and make decisions without the need to meet face to face.

Working with people across the globe has never been easier. Conversations can happen at any time and in any place. This flexibility offers employees choice and maintains a happy workforce.

Upgrading your offices so that new ways of working happen seamlessly doesn’t need to be difficult. We are technology experts dedicated to designing and installing audio visual solutions for every kind of workspace. Our team will visit your business, look to understand what is required, and build what you need. Create the ideal working environment for better productivity and content staff.

Flexible workspaces that are essential in a workplace

It’s common in today’s working environment for workers to be in the office for a few days a week while working from home or visiting client sites for the rest of their time. Consequently, your office space may no longer be used as it once was, so you have an opportunity to make use of your space in new and innovative ways.

Your business may be able to reduce the number of desks it requires without impacting operations by introducing hotdesking as a new way for your staff to work. For the employees whom it suits, hot desking means not being allocated a permanent desk, instead a booking system allocates a workstation for use as required. The booking system keeps your facility organised and the hotdesking orderly whilst we can fit each hot desk with the appropriate tech to allow staff to quickly get their laptops and other devices setup and ready for the working day.

Informal seating areas where colleagues can meet to discuss ideas around a coffee table are valuable additions. With this kind of touchdown location, it’s useful to have the appropriate connectivity for laptops or phones and wi-fi so flow isn’t disturbed. Display technology that allows staff to look at information together and collaborate is useful and something that contributes to the great ideas that on which your business relies on.

Huddle spaces are usually found in open office areas, available for ad-hoc access and simple to use. These are high-productivity spaces that retain an informal atmosphere and work best when fitted with collaborative technology that teams can easily demonstrate and share ideas with together and expedite projects with efficiency.

Small meeting rooms, seating 2 to 4 people, are ideal for quick discussions face-to-face. With the right AV technology installed staff should be able to easily share their laptop on screen with no fuss, whilst great experiences meeting with remote participants in video conferences should be the standard in your meeting rooms today.

Larger meeting rooms should be capable of being used often and not just reserved for occasional formal gatherings. By adding robust and reliable video conferencing facilities, virtual meeting technologies and collaborative connectivity, our installations will be ready and stand up to daily use, all day, every day.

Audio-visual solutions for your flexible workspace

Every organisation will require a style of flexible workspace specific to them. We can work with your (or our) workspace design partners to ensure the AV solution we implement suits your needs and makes the most of the floor space, staff numbers, and is in keeping with the nature of your business. The combinations we can install are limitless with everything we do for you tailored to your requirements.

We will give you a full demonstration of the equipment we propose, a professional project manager to take your project from start to finish, and 3 months free of charge aftersales support.