One platform that supports Microsoft Teams on every device, everywhere. Natively. One provider for a complete range of state-of-the art products backed by decades of audio and video expertise One cloud management system built on Microsoft Azure


Hours of preparation goes into every meeting. Hundreds of hours of engineering expertise go into making those meetings flawless. Last minute meetings, global team huddles, boardroom strategy sessions start with a touch. Every element is heard and seen–every participant, every piece of the richest content.


Set up your next meeting for success, with audio and image quality performance that really performs. Pick up on every word, important piece of content, visual cue and gesture with perfect clarity. The Crestron B-Series and Smart Soundbars are how meetings get seen. Heard. And done.


A company-wide annual meeting in the auditorium. Sharing content with shareholders in the boardroom and stakeholders around the world. Pre-existing configurations and solutions. Complicated spaces with high expectations. Crestron Flex C-Series makes the complicated simple. Giving you the flexibility to build a system customised for your space, designed for your success. Easily, quickly and efficiently.

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