Hybrid working has many advantages, giving staff the option to work remotely but still come into the office some days to work in the building is something many talented & valuable individuals in the workplace expect in today’s environment.

To ensure you’re your meeting rooms and desk spaces are available as needed you need a way to manage your resources efficiently.

Get rid of the headache of manually managing a schedule for your meeting rooms by installing a room & desk booking system that everyone can use and maximise the use of your estate.

Meeting room booking system

Booking a meeting room is important when organising a get-together or presentation with a hybrid workforce. Those not able to attend in person can log in, ready to contribute, but if the meeting doesn’t start as planned because there is no available space for the office-bound participants, delays and last-minute cancellations will occur, frustrating if workers have come in just to attend a meeting that cannot go ahead due to lack of space.

Meeting room solutions solve these types of issues. All the meeting rooms are available to view in one place, with available time slots clearly visible. Colleagues can all see when rooms are free enabling everyone to agree upon a mutually acceptable opening. With a few clicks, the room is booked & blocked out to others.

Digital panels at each meeting rooms show the current status of the space, such as who has booked the room and how long for. If the room is free, it can be reserved on the spot using the panel preventing others from booking it on the app.

Desk booking system

Remove any friction that may occur when workers don’t have an allocated desk. Hybrid working is a new trending way to operate, but for things to run smoothly, desk space needs to be effectivity managed. A desk booking system is the simplest way to do this. Everyone can see the desks in one place and can see what’s available and how long for.

With the ability to reserve a place to work before they set off, staff can be happy that they won’t waste time looking or waiting for an area to become free when they arrive ready to work. If team members want to meet and work close to one another at set times, the spaces can be booked in advance to ensure this happens.

Keep track of usage

With meeting room and desk booking systems, you accumulate information to understand usage and capacity. If you find that rooms are very seldom used, you can consider change of use and use the space for other things. Equally, if you find certain spaces are repeatedly at max capacity, you may need to consider adding more of those types of space to support growing teams and new ways of working.

Our team of specialists is available to install booking systems that work for your office. Contact us to discuss how we can make your hybrid workspace friction-free.