Get the most from flexible working by rethinking your workspace and investing in technology that connects people easily.

Hybrid working is a common requirement in today’s workforce – employees are happier with flexible options. Some staff members want or need to be in the office full time, others choose to work exclusively from home whereas many opt to combine the two. This way of working cuts down on wasted commuter time and means that employees can be based further afield and even in another country.

A hybrid team gets the best of all worlds, our solutions make sure that everyone can keep in touch & continue to work collaboratively, audio-visual technologies facilitate the destination office, hybrid working and our needs in today’s working environment.

Conference rooms

Larger meeting spaces where groups can get together to share ideas have been the backbone of many organisations over the years and the technology is always improving. Install microphones, speakers, displays, and wireless connectivity to enable remote workers, clients, and partners to join the meeting seamlessly.

Presentations can involve participants in other departments and regions. Documents, images, and project work can be shared easily, and everyone can see contribute in real-time.

Huddle spaces

Making use of all available space is a no brainer in today’s office environment, huddle spaces can be installed with a smaller display or small factor conference device so that remote workers can join in. No one needs to be left out, even when the discussion ad-hoc.

Hot desking

If you now have workers that aren’t always in the office, it doesn’t make great sense to assign a desk to everyone. However, everybody will need somewhere to work when they are at the office. This is where hot-desking comes in to its own. Preventing a shortage of workspace on any given day, a desk booking system enables staff to reserve a place in advance. Ensuring a hybrid working environment runs smoothly.

Meeting room booking

Organising a hybrid meeting is no different from a face-to-face meeting in that you need a space to hold it.

To make sure everyone connects on time giving people the facility to reserve a meeting room via a system that interfaces with your existing business calendars great. The room can be automatically setup up and ready to go based on the room schedule, avoiding the need to frantically search for space and get things up and running at the last minute.

Room booking management systems are a must if you have multiple meeting spaces available and want to keep the meeting schedule organised.

At Viewpoint-AV, we are here to recommend the right technology for your workspace. We are specialists in our field and highly experienced. When you ask us to upgrade your offices to facilitate hybrid working, we take time to understand what your business needs and what will be most valuable.

Once installed, we demonstrate the systems and provide 3 months of free support. We want to be your AV business partner, so once we get to know you, we are here to help take your business forward as new technologies emerge making working life better.