To be effective, the latest AV technology must be simple to use. Businesses invest in equipment for virtual meetings to make working life easier for their staff. If equipment is too complicated it won’t provide staff with what’s needed, time can’t be wasted getting things set up, it is not worth the money. That’s why we focus on providing robust and reliable solutions that are simple to operate and offer great user experiences.

Why is the user experience important?

Systems can be designed, planned, and implemented, but if the people that ultimately use the technology are let down, or don’t find things easy, they won’t enjoy the experience. When people don’t like to use something, they will try to avoid it or find workarounds. It’s a potentially expensive, wasted opportunity, if you invest in the wrong technology. 

Not everyone is technically minded. Virtual meetings and online presentations may be the new way to work, but facilities need to be accessible for everyone. An employee can be the best in their field, and you need their input, but if they can’t share their documents and ideas easily, it will be frustrating for all involved.

No one wants to search for the ‘on’ button when you have a room full of people. Presenters and speakers might know their subject inside and out, but confidence is easily shattered when technology gets the better of you. We know by making everything as straightforward as possible we make everyone happy as possible with the equipment we supply.

It’s essential to ensure all AV equipment is user-friendly. To get the best value out of a new system, everyone needs to adopt it from the outset.

How do we make sure users adopt the new technology?

We understand what your workers need and why. We look at the type of solution you require and how the workforce is located. Solution designs need to work together easily with existing systems that you need to keep so we need to enable staff to find what they need quickly, whether they are in the main office, working from home, on the road, or in a different country.

We know that user interfaces that are uniform and operate the same way in each space make for a better user experience. Finding the same equipment in each space keeps things simple and makes for an effective solution, so it’s important to get the basics right and build on top of this depending on specific needs for certain needs. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can identify room types and suggest solutions for every workplace. We want our AV installation to revolutionise the way you and your teams work so we pay full attention to the user experience.